The heart of our organization "Dance and make a Difference" is held together by four people . Without them we would not be able to do the work we love and want to develop more and more.

Cornelia Leban - Ibrankovic (2nd from the right) is the founder of "Dance and make a Difference", Herwig Kahler (3rd from the left), how works as the assistant founder.
Tanja Stepnicka (2nd from the left), Georg Hoffmann (3rd from the right) and Karin Preininger - Glaser (1st from the left), they organizes and holds the dance classes for "Dance and make a Difference" and coordinates them with the Dance School Conny & Dado, where they take place.



In January 2018 Lena Strohriegel also joined the team, helping as a dance assistant in the classes.