This year around we were able to win over Italian-born Albert Fiorentú, who, under his stage name "DJ Lindo", will get the Salsa-dancers fired up. He is a master at reading the mood of the audience and make them go wild with the rhythms!
From behind the turntables he is radiating with energy and passion, that are too contagious for anyone to keep still for long!

DJ JULIAN "THE DUKE" (London, England)




DJ Julian is originally from Colombia and has been part of the salsa scene throughout all his life. He has been a Dj for the last 20 years playing at various congresses and venues around the world and is one of the first Salsa Dj’s who started Salsa in the UK. 
During his visit to Hong Kong where he performed in a Salsa Congress in 2008 he was awarded the certificate of participation for his outstanding performance. In January 2015 he got the "Stars of Salsa" Award for all his efforts in the UK Salsa community.

Julian believes Salsa is a way to bring happiness and to unite people from all backgrounds throughout music. He is also a lovely and considerate social dancer.

Que viva la SALSA!   
Julian “The Duke”