Many thanks to all our wonderful Artists 2019! 




This year we were again able to win the native Italian Albert Fiorentu for us, who will heat up the salsa dancers under his stage name "DJ LINDO". He is a true master in reading the auditorium and bringing humor to his audience with rhythms of salsa, mambo, pachanga and more.







DJ ThePatrick

DJ ThePatrick_03.jpg

Getting in touch with salsa as dancer in 2007, ThePatrick first steps into DJing four years later in summer 2011, when he spontaneously fills in for a DJ. After a successful premiere, he soon gets invited to play at the major salsa spots in Austria; invitations to socials and festivals in Bratislava, Budapest, Ljubljana, Dresden, Zurich, Zagreb, London and Athens follow. Since 2018 he is co-organiser of a party series called RICH RHYTHMS, which enjoys great popularity among the dancers in Vienna.

His passion for dancing is 1:1 reflected in his DJing. Just as different ingredients are combined to form a potion, the songs ThePatrick plays add up to magical sets. Full of diversity, they take the dancers on a journey, from New York to Puerto Rico, Cuba, Colombia, Spain and Italy, to name only a few destinations. Always paying attention to the dancers, his mixture of all different facets of music for crossbody dancers keeps the dancefloor crowded the whole night.

Constantly searching for great new tunes for his collection, DJ ThePatrick is certainly one of Austria's most promising latin DJs.








As a traveler through the wonderland of Tango music, Vlado Vadlja is searching for the most beautiful pearls and will be very pleased to share them with you, making each tanda an unique and superb dancing adventure.












Fotovorschläge (2)_.jpgDJ Dave Caponi, also known as the house DJ of the Tanzvilla am Geidorfplatz, PPC-RetroSwing-DJ and the Swing & Roll dance adventure at the lake - has the honor and the pleasure of playing the wonderful All in One ball in the swing room. Of course DJ Dave Caponi attaches great importance to particularly danceable numbers, great fun and great joy for a good cause!