Tickets are available from Dezember 2018 in the dance school Conny&Dado (Körösistraße 81, 8010 Graz) or in the Dance Store (Landhausgasse 7; 8010 Graz)

  • presale price:  €25 / €20*
  • at the door: €35

Tickets should be paid and picked up within 14 days after booking in the dance school Conny & Dado or in the Dance Store.
It is also possible to book tickets online on the homepage of the dance school Conny & Dado, the booking confirmation received by mail is valid as ticket.

Online Booking:

*reduced prices for students, owners of social cards or a handicapped ID


Reservations for Tables are possible after January 2019.

Seat: EUR 25.-

Wheelchair space: EUR 5.-

Whole table, depending on hall they are located in:

Stefaniensaal/ Ballroom hall (serves 8): EUR 160.- (EUR 20.- instead of EUR 25.- per person)

Kammermusiksaal/ Tango hall (serves 6): EUR 120.- (EUR 20.- instead of EUR 25.- per person) 


Contact for table reservations (CONTACT).

The table reservation should be paid within 1 week after booking at the dance school Conny & Dado, cash or with debit card or by net banking (see bank details below).

The seat tickets can be picked up at the dance school Conny & Dado (Körösistraße 81) as well.

Stefaniensaal (Ballroom hall) table plan:



Kammermusiksaal (Tango hall) table plan: 



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