Become a Member

We would like to go a step further and create a movement that will offer new possibilities to all dancers as members of the “Dance and make a difference” association.



With this membership you can support dancers of our "dancing without borders" classes, this support might be for projects or for dance events and could be a  financial support and/or active cooperation.

The membership is annually renewable.

Contribution: € 50,- euro per year


Dance Mentor

With this annual renewable membership, the member agrees to support one of our dancers with disability as a mentor. That means the member participates in at least one of our "dancing without borders" classes.

Contribution: € 10,- euro per year


Offers for members and dance mentors:

Through the membership fee the members are accepted as extraordinary members of the association. This means: active participation, right to participate in association meetings with seat, but without voting rights. Each member has the right to access the statutes of the association upon request and must be informed of any changes.


  • free entry at "ALL in ONE" ball
  • 10x free entry card for Dance Night (every Friday) in the dance school Conny & Dado
  • Invitations to club meetings
  • Buttons with club logo as first gift
  • Newsletter for upcoming projects and events
  • Support and research assistance for diploma and seminar papers for students


For inquiries about membership / dance sponsorship please contact us via CONTACT


Or download our membership contract right here:



Thank you very much for your support!