SPECIAL OLYMPICS Winterspiele 2020 


Tuesday 28.01.2020 Return of the stars

On the same day of the return, many of the coveted athletes tirelessly swung us into the Universal Dance Class to celebrate their great victories with us and dance together!

The intoxicating dance videos from the finale can be found below in Sunday's post!

The great headlines have already rushed ahead of them!




Meine Woche Bericht_Milena.jpg


Monday 27.01.2020 Award Ceremony

You have never seen so many happy faces and medals all at once...!

Congratulations again to the wonderful dance inclusion ambassadors of the heart! We are at your feet!

 Siegerehrung 1.jpg

A big thank you to the cordial organization team of the Verein Special Olympics - Herzschlag Kärnten! The organization was excellent and everyone felt "Narisch Guat"!

We cannot thank our wonderful partners of  Freizeitassistenz Tumawas, Lebenshilfen Soziale Dienste GmbH often enough for the successful cooperation! Thank you dear Carina Körbler, Romana Paschek and Florian Ptak!

 Siegerehrung Collage.jpg


Sunday 26.01.2020 Dance Contest Finale

Juhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! We roll over with joy over and with our gifted dance team! Our four couples and the Infinity Dance Showgroup confidently danced their way up in the grand finale! In addition to the huge successes, the main focus was on the joy of the cause and the loving team cooperation! The mood was exhilarating, both among the dancers and in the audience! Thanks to Romana Paschek and Florian Ptak for the great accompaniment and support through this intoxicating dance sport week! Thanks to all unified dancers for the loving care, the support with the great hairstyles and the make-up and your attention whenever you ask for it!

On Monday morning, the award ceremony continues! Let yourself live really high dear ones!

Big cheers after the competition! LEI, LEI!



Finale Results of our Dance Team

Couples Ballroom Division 1

1st Place Milena del Fabro & Daniel Hackl with Slowfox/Quickstep Video

2nd Place Joachim Lampel & Miriam Strasser with Tango/Pasodoble Video

3rd Place Elisabeth Waltersdorfer & Elisabeth Friedrich with Chacha/Foxtrott Video

Couples Mixed Disciplines Division 1

1st Place Lena Strohriegel & Markus Faymann with Salsa Video

Teams Mixed Disciplines Division 1

2nd Place INFINITY DANCE - as the only Ballroom Showgroup with Slow Walz Video


Saturday 25.01.2020 Divisioning

Our dancers already made amazing great performances during the divisioning! Now the whole group has grown into a wonderful family that dances through thick and thin and supports each other. We are incredibly proud of you and happy that we were able to cheer on Saturday! We are looking forward to the grand finale!

Your fans will follow you at every turn!

Fan Club längs.jpg

Our Couples fully relaxed

Couples Team.jpg

Our Infinity Team fully motivated!

Infinity Dance.jpg

 Together they will get to the point tomorrow.

Whole Team.jpg

 ...and we are going to cross fingers for you!



On Thursday, January 23rd, 2020 the time has come!

Our stars left on Thursday morning to attend the Special Olympics National Winter Game in Villach | Carinthia.

At 8:00 a.m. they pulled out accompanied by Tumawa's leisure assistance, Lebenshilfe Soziale Dienste GmbH, along with many other athletes from other sports. During the competition days Romana Paschek and Florian Ptak are supporting and looking well after the dancing team.

Kleine Zeitung online report

The Team arrived in Carinthia, still relaxing and hanging out their souls! 

Teamfoto Ankunft_Seele baumeln.jpg


Blick in die Zukunft.jpg

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