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Let's go to the Special Olympics!

On Saturday, 09.11.2019, the 1st SPECIAL OLYMPICS DANCE SPORT CHAMPIONSHIP took place in Velden Carinthia. Harbinger for the Special Olympics Winter Games in January 2020 in Villach.

We are so proud of our starters and trainers that they have the joy and ambition to be part of this fantastic sporting event.

As the first project, after the All in One Ball 2019, the club Dance and make a difference, THANKS to the many sponsors and supporters, will take over all entry fees for this event!

At this point we would also like to thank our cooperation partner Freizeitassistenz Tumawas, Lebenshilfen Soziale Dienste GmbH. Romana Paschek and Florian Ptak are two dance-loving recreational assistants who support us as dance trainers and Carina Körbler ensures a reliable and smooth organization. We are looking forward to joining you at the Special Olympics Winter Games in January 2020 in Villach!

It was an incredible event on Saturday with suspense, joy and passion! Link to movies and pictures

We keep our fingers crossed for everyone for the Special Olympics Wintergames 2020 in Villach and are looking forward to many more photos!


Here we introduce you to the whole team


Infinity Dance

Starting this year, we are very proud to be able to compete in the Special Olympics competitions for the first time with a Ballroom Formations group called INFINITY DANCE.

Together with 5 up-and-coming and lively dance-couples in a mixed constellation of athlete and unified dance partner, we are making this new and challenging dance experience.

We would like to introduce you here from left to right:

 Standard Formation Infinity Dance 2.JPG

Petra Magele-Riemer (U) and Gerhard Bürscher (A); Kristin Loder-Taucher (A) and Jonas Maiberg (U); Larissa Czeike (A) and Heike Münch (U); Alexandra Prosser (A) and Jürgen Münch (U); Katharina Gollner (A) and Astrid del Fabro (U)



The formation group is being supervised by Florian Ptak Freizeitassistenz Tumawas, Lebenshilfen Soziale Dienste GmbH and choreographer Karin Preininger-Glaser dance school Conny & Dado

Standard Formation Infinity Dance  + Trainer 2.JPG


Our INFINITY DANCE Formation will reach for the stars this year and hover over the dance floor with a charming slow waltz. They have been training together for 1, 5 hours a week since the summer of 2019 and the one or other dancer is still practicing diligently at home. The dance enthusiastic group has grown together to a humorous family, which floats together over thick and thin clouds and can not be knocked over by even the most severe gust of wind (trainer). At this point, I would also like to introduce our dear Nadine Herk, who as a unified dancer both leader and follower always jump in and always hurry to the aid when it is needed! Thank you dear Nadine!

In the future, we look forward to seeing you float across the podium many times at home and abroad! 1, 2, 3 ... .. Goooooooo!

The four couples

From this year, we will be able to accompany four dance-experienced and stage-tested couples to the Special Olympics events! They are all in a class of their own and with their enthusiasm, their talent and the creative choreography will make the hearts of the audience beat faster!

The formation group is being supervised by Romana Paschek, Tumawas' recreational assistant, Lebenshilfen Soziale Dienste GmbH and choreographer Karin Preininger-Glaser, dance school Conny & Dado.

Trainer + Couples 2.JPG 



Milena del Fabro with Daniel Hackl

Milena and Daniel are our newcomers on the floor. They both have an incredible amount of dancing experience, both in front of and behind the scenes, but since the summer of 2019 they have been dancing together for the first time together in the Special Olympics. Milena has already with the dear colleagues of the dietschool - Dr. med. Klaus Höllbacher and her then dance partner Max Paszicsnyek have been able to gain a lot of stage experience at the Special Olympics in the past and it is an honor to be able to take on such a talent! Daniel enriches the dance school Conny & Dado since 2015 and practices both as a leader and as a follower in various dance styles.

Together they will present a harmonic Slowfox with a screen and charm as if they had always danced together.

 Milena del Fabro_Daniel Hackl 2.JPG          Milena del Fabro_Daniel Hackl 4.JPG



Miriam Strasser with Joachim Lampel

Joachim and Miriam have been regularly present at the Special Olympics since 2017 and have already made many medals. Since the first Universal Dance Course 2013, Joachim regularly attends his follow-up dance classes in the dance school Conny & Dado and loves to prove his acting talent on stage as well. With Miriam as a dance partner, they keep getting involved in new adventures. Despite new choreographies, Joachim competently performs various shows at various events. Miriam has since developed into a great dance assistant for Ballroom and Lindy Hop dance classes and in the future she will be working as a trainer in the dance section Tanzen ohne Grenzen in the dance school Conny & Dado.

The shared adventures lead the two of them to a mix of Tango and Paso Doble in the dangerous Caribbean .... "Pirates in sight!"

 Miriam Strasser_Joachim Lampel 2.JPG         Miriam Strasser_Joachim Lampel 4.JPG



Elisabeth Waltersdorfer with Elisabeth Friedrich

Elisabeth W. has participated in the Special Olympics as a demonstration competition since the birth of dance sport in 2016. Like Joachim, she has regularly been attending our dance classes since our first Universal Dance course in 2013. Not only does she have a lot of stage experience with a variety of choreographies, she is also incredibly flexible in terms of her dance partners. She has been accompanied by Erwin Scheipner and Florian Ptak through all Special Olympics competitions. Together with Florian Ptak, she represented Austria in the Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019 this year in March and made silver.

Photos of the Special Olympics Austria delegation can be found here.

Since the summer of 2019, Elisabeth Friedrich is dancing alongside her and the role reversal in Lead & Follow makes the two girls a lot of fun! Since her youth and since the beginning of 2015, Elisabeth F. has danced across all dance classes in the dance school Conny & Dado.

Our girls will do a lot of fun on stage with Chacha and Foxtrot!

Elisabeth Waltersdorfer_Elisabeth Friedrich 1.JPG               Elisabeth Friedrich_Elisabeth Waltersdorfer 3.JPG



Lena Strohriegel with Markus Faymann

In 2017, Lena danced with Gerfried Pocivalnik for the first time with a Lindy Hop at the Special Olympics. Even before her time in the dance school Conny and Dado she attended hip hop classes and was eager to swing the dance leg. Since the first universal dance course in 2013, she has been attending follow-up classes at the dance school Conny and Dado. She has developed into a great dance assistant and accompanies us through the Universal Dance Classes with ladies and gentleman steps. Since 2018 she has been dancing the success ladder with Markus Faymann at her side. Together in March they represented Austria at the Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019 and made gold this year.

Photos of the Special Olympics Austria delegation can be found here.

Markus also participated in 2017 for the first time with Ursula Stiendel at the Special Olympics. He has been dancing in dance classes Conny and Dado since 2015 through many dance classes. Together with Miriam Strasser he performs with many shows of the Lindy Hop Showgroup Grazhoppers.

After their rock n 'roll success of previous years, Lena and Markus are thrilled with a hot salsa this year. We are surprised if Lena will be spinning again this year ...

 Markus Faymann_Lena Strohriegel 5.JPG .            Markus Faymann_Lena Strohriegel 2.JPG


All dancers of the Special Olympics delegation both the athletes and our unified dancers will attend regular dance classes for at least another day of the week in order to continue to enjoy the variety of dances, to develop further and thus not to have a social aspect in the dance, in addition to the choreography comes shortly. With motivated recreational assistants of the social welfare service Tumawas our athletes mix regularly on the Friday Dance Night in the dance school Conny & Dado among the people, where you can get to know them personally and dance with them ;-).

At this point, we would like to express a huge THANK YOU to the unified dancers and dear parents for the creative and organizational support that ranges from outfits to taxi service to delicious party catering! You are all great and without you all this would not be possible!


Our partners

The association Dance and Make a Difference makes it possible with its support only for an affordable price to offer the training including choreography with music editing in the dance school Conny & Dado for the athletes. For very large projects, such as the Special Olympics Winter Games 2020 in Villach, a reliable cooperation partner, such as the leisure assistant Tumawas, Lebenshilfen Social Services GmbH, gives us the great opportunity to guarantee free time assistance hours for good care during the Olympic week abroad, as well as being able to train regularly in 3 halls. This allows quality assurance for the dancers, as well as a hedge for athletes and unified dancers.


Training Tender 2020

If you're interested in joining in the future, here's this year's Call for Athletes (People with Intellectual Disabilities) as an approximation of the training schedule and costs (some changes reserved for the future).

PDFLink with transmission

Unified dance partners (people without disabilities) should have at least one to two years of motivated dance experience with self-assurance in the rhythm and no stage shyness. They are registered as club members of Dance and Make a Difference and registered and insured through Tumawas Lebenshilfe. It is an honorary dance pleasure, therefore fall for Unified dance partners in addition to outfits and any travel costs no additional costs for training and the event. We are looking forward to your great time, you want to spend with the project! If someone would like to have proof or validation for the CV, we will gladly issue it.